Advocate for fiscal responsibility and transparency in decision-making

Managing the city's budget is a top priority and requires balanced leadership to deliver quality results with limited resources. As a Council member and former Budget Advisory Committee, I have an in-depth and realistic understanding of the city's financial needs, resources and potential. I've worked to eliminate the city's unfunded liabilities and ensure we use current funding to take care of today's obligations while setting aside funds for future needs.

Invest in city infrastructure, parks & recreation facilities for future sustainability

I employ fact-based, long-range planning to ensure we maintain our beautiful, historic essential services buildings, civic infrastructure, streets & sidewalks, storm & sewer systems, parks & recreational facilities. With old & ailing infrastructure, the city must inventory needs and allocate resources to address deferred maintenance and make long-overdue capital investments as needed. Planning for the future sustainability of our community and the planet will be essential for future generations, who will love our community as much as we do.

Engage diverse community through outreach and feedback

Integral to sound decision-making is a connection with the community, a willingness to listen and be flexible, and an interest in hearing all sides and engaging in healthy dialogue; all have been essential to my effectiveness as a Council Member. I consistently advocate for new channels of communication so we can hear from diverse community members. I appreciate the time required to engage community members so we can reach decisions the broader community will support and value.  

Prioritize disaster preparedness and public safety

I focus on retention of quality public safety personnel and prioritize community engagement to continue to deliver superior customer service to residents. We must prioritize disaster preparedness and wildfire prevention by employing industry best practices and community education and participation for the health and safety of the entire community. Strategic investments in technology maximize our public safety effectiveness.  

Collaborate with city and schools for mutually beneficial solutions

I have meaningful long-term relationships with PUSD administration and School Board Members. As a long-time school volunteer and current parent of current PHS students and a recent grad, I am deeply connected to the issues our students face in the classroom and our community. As a Council Member,  I leverage this perspective to effectively collaborate with my School Board partners; develop creative solutions to shared problems; and make effective use of our limited resources.

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