Thank you, Piedmont!

Dear Piedmonters, 

     I was honored you elected me to Piedmont’s City Council in November 2016. My time on Council has been a rewarding experience from the beginning.

     I continually meet wonderful people at community events, council and committee meetings, and on our city streets. Consistently, I find Piedmonters to be well-informed about the issues, thoughtful in their feedback, and generous in their commitment to maintaining what’s great about our city while moving us forward into the future.

     Being able to represent you on City Council is an honor and I appreciate the trust you have instilled in me. If reelected, I will continue to work tirelessly to live up to your expectations for excellence in community service.

Thank you!


Jen doesn't just talk about what she'd like to see happen, she creates opportunities for positive change. Her willingness to work with others to identify an issue, figure out a plan and then get the work done is inspirational. 

-Betsy Andersen, City Council Member

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